About us

We are team of active investors. We want to invest, build and help. Every company is a unique story and a constellation of people with whom we have the only goal – to build a successful and healthy company.

We carefully choose partners and founders with whom we go into cooperation. We like our work and try to do it fairly, professionally and with flair.

We also carefully select and review each company. If we make investment, we help the team get to the next stage through capital and our know-how in building businesses and expanding into other European markets.

Everything we do is because we like working with people who inspire us and others, we want to turn promising projects into successful stories and we are satisfied by building lasting values that help thousands to millions of people.


Matěj Boruta

Managing Partner

Václav Liška

Managing Partner

Lumír Kunz


Jan Boruta



Three of the founders, while studying in high school, made their first "angel" investment in an online brokerage company.


They are jointly building an investment group with a successful portfolio of companies and manage over EUR 12 million.


Portfolio of LEVERAGE

We have been building our portfolio since 2011 with our first investment in Axiory. Since 2017, we have co-invested in the target companies together with the Leverage Technology fund, where our investors also participate in the portfolio performance.


About Leverage

Portfolio of Leverage

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